Deer and Turkey Hunting Tips

Welcome to Deer and Turkey Hunting Tips. Our primary goal is to provide helpful and useful information for hunting whitetail deer and the wild turkey.

We offer a variety of deer hunting tips and turkey hunting tips through a selection of articles. These hunting articles are gathered from years of trial, error, and field experiences.

Hunting is a way of life for many outdoors men and women. We hope that our tips, tactics, strategies, and resources will aid in improving both success and enjoyment in the hunting field.

We thank you for visiting Deer and Turkey Hunting Tips.

Deer Venison Recipes

This is a simple reminder that the use of venison can be a healthier substitute for many recipes. It usually offers a leaner grade of meat than other forms of beef. Venison has less fat, calories,  and usually less cholesterol than other forms of meats. Continue reading

Prepare And Practice For Turkey Hunting

In order to learn a skill, most of us have to gather as much information as possible and then repeat the learned skill over and over until it becomes habit. Turkey hunting is no different. Success partly boils down to preparation and practice.  Continue reading

Keep Turkey Hunting Fun

Ever run across those so called hunters that have nothing positive to say about their turkey hunting experiences. They are irritated, frustrated, or down right mad at the world because they have not harvested anything. They are envious of other hunters who have found success. Continue reading

Stay Focused On Turkey Hunting

As the turkey season progresses and begins to wind down, those that have not found success can easily get discouraged. The best solution for a long and tough season is learning to stay focused on the turkey hunting goal. Continue reading

Know Your Turkey Hunting Area

An important factor with turkey hunting is for the hunter to know the area to be hunted. This knowledge will allow the hunter to make better decisions when it comes to finding good hunting spots. Continue reading

How Not To Spook A Turkey

When it comes to turkey hunting, the easiest way to end the hunt is to spook the turkey. There are many situations that can result in a turkey beingspooked. Here is a look at reasoning and how not to spook a turkey. Continue reading

The Tragedy Of Hunting Accidents

Like every hunting season, there always seems to be headlines in news articles of hunting accidents. Some are true accidents but many are also the lack of good judgement or laziness on behalf of so called hunters. Continue reading

Judging Gobbling Distances For Turkey Hunting

The most anticipated sound in the turkey hunting woods is the gobble made by an interested gobbler. Each season hunters spend hours of daylight listening for gobbling activity. When gobbles occur, the hunter must then be able to judge the distances of how far away the gobbler is in order to locate a good hunting area. Continue reading

25 Turkey Hunting Setup Tips

A hunter’s setup tactics are very important for turkey hunting. Often it is what makes for success in the field. Here are 25 turkey hunting setup tips for better results. Continue reading

Turkey Hunting Ten Until Two

Turkey hunting at sunrise is often conditioned into hunters as being a good time to hunt. However, many gobblers will fly off the roost and meet up with already available hens. This often makes for tough turkey hunting. Continue reading



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