3 Concealment Tips

There is more to deer hunting than finding the right stand locations. In many cases, locating deer activity is the easy part. The problem many hunters forget to account for is proper concealment when approaching or exiting stand areas. This mistake can be the difference in success or failure.

Scent Control

When travelling to stand locations, make sure to take actions that will reduce leaving your scent in the area. Use scent control products to minimize odors. Don’t touch anything in the woods with bare hands. Walk in areas that do not rub against or come in contact with clothing. Wear rubber boots or boots that have scent control products built in.

Noise Control

Walking by itself creates noise. To help with this, the hunter needs to wear clothing that is naturally quiet to reduce noise. Use a stop and go process while walking slowly to the deer hunting area. Avoid walking in areas too thick for travel. Use trails that provide easy and quiet access. If the terrain does not offer a quiet approach, allow extra time and move at a slow pace.

Travel Routes

Picking the right travel routes to and from hunting locations is also important. Whenever possible, walk in directions that will approach the hunting areas directly across from or at an angle from any deer routes. Try to avoid walking parallel with or in the actual deer trails. This may require taking a longer route but will be beneficial in the long run.

By finding and using better travel routes, using proper scent control, and reducing noise, the chances for success are greatly improved.


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