Deer Hunting and Weather

Windy Day Deer Hunting

Deer hunting on days that the wind is blowing can have an effect on both deer and hunter. Other factors such as temperatures and wind speeds often make a difference in what effect if any the wind will have. Here is some information and deer hunting tips for how to hunt windy days.

Light Winds

Generally, deer will not change any patterns when the wind is lightly gusting or even steady blowing at or below 10 miles per hour. Their senses are still tuned in well and they do not normally react any differently than on a calm day. The only real concern for hunters is scent control. A light breeze can blow human odors quickly to an alert deer.

Temperature And Wind

The temperatures can also factor in on windy days. When the temperatures are warm, the wind will help cool down the deer. However, during cold air temperatures, deer will normally stay put while the sun is out to gather much needed heat. They will be more active towards evening and after dark hours in order to stay warm through movement.

Medium To Strong Winds

Once the wind speeds begin climbing to 15, 20, 25 mph, the deer will often change their movement activity. Everything around them is moving which can fool their sense of sight. Their hearing is reduced and their ability to pinpoint and detect odors will be greatly decreased. Deer will become more skittish.

Problems For Hunters

Deer hunting under high wind conditions can present two problems for hunters. First, there is a safety issue if a tree stand is to be used. Always take extra care to avoid any accidents. The second concern may be locating the deer. Many times deer will be less active and move to more secure areas to improve their sense of safety.

Windy Day Deer Hunting Tips

The best bet for hunting is to find areas that block or reduce the majority of the wind. This may be the lower sides of hills, gullies, or ditches. This could also be in pine or hard wood thickets. Depending on how a particular property is laid out will determine what sections are the best to hunt. The lower the terrain is, the more likely the deer will use it.

Take note of these possible locations during normal scouting events. This will provide you with tree stand set up locations. Also, if the hunter has developed good still hunting skills, a windy day may provide an advantage and excellent opportunity for hunting on the ground. Remember to use good scent reducing techniques.


Deer Hunt The Weather

In the whitetail woods, many factors influence activity and movement. Weather conditions at times can be one of those factors. A hunter must be willing to be in the woods under a variety of conditions in order to have the best chance at taking a deer. Here is a look at some weather that often provides for good hunting.


Depending upon who is asked, heat is often considered one of the more uncomfortable conditions to hunt in. During the early bow season, temperatures in certain parts of the country can be in the ninety degree range. This can be tough to deal with. The hunter will need to dress lightly and execute a good scent elimination program. The good thing is that early season is an excellent time of the year to take an unsuspecting buck.


Heavy rains generally are not good for deer hunting. However, for some reason, a light rain will often produce deer movement. This could be due to the low light conditions. Deer appear somewhat relaxed during light rains. A hunter can take advantage of this with a good rain suit, ground blind, or tree stand with a roof. Bring along water and a snack and be willing to sit or stalk for long periods of time.


I have not seen a large number of deer during heavy fog days. However, the opposite is true on days with light fog. I can not give a scientific reason for these results but for some reason deer move. Be careful when driving to a location during foggy weather. Stay on stand until the fog disappears. Take along a nice pair of binoculars to help with vision.

Give deer hunting a shot during these different weather conditions. They may offer a chance at success. Be safe and good luck.

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Hot Weather Deer

Deer Hunting Tips: Hot Weather Deer

Deer hunting success during hot weather can be contributed to several factors such as hunter comfort and the understanding of deer habits and needs. The early bow season offers those hunters willing to endure various conditions the chance at taking a nice buck.

Hunter Comfort

The hunter being comfortable plays a major factor during hot weather deer hunting. Being uncomfortable will often result in hunter movement. This will increase the chances of being detected by the deer. The hunter will need to make preparations in controlling the comfort levels.

Since the temperatures are often in the eighties or higher, hunters will need to dress accordingly. A light weight, breathable hunting clothing is needed. This will help reduce the amount of perspiration, which in turn will help with scent control.

Tree stands or blinds to be used need to be placed prior to hunting when ever possible. If early placement is not possible, the hunter should take his time during set up. Again this will help reduce sweating and aid in scent control.

The hunter needs to be prepared for bugs as well. Early deer hunting season is famous for having a variety of biting insects such as flies, ticks, and mosquitoes. There are several scent free bug repellents that are made with the hunter in mind. There are also the mechanical devices that are becoming popular. A good bug suit may also be a suggestion.

Rain is also common during the early deer hunting season. The hunter needs to have a good breathable rain suit. An enclosed stand, ground blind, or a stand umbrella, are all good tools that can be used for rain. Just remember to exit the woods if the rain is accompanied by lightening.

Deer Habits And Needs

The early deer hunting season often provides an abundance of food supplies. Deer are still in their summer time feeding patterns. This is generally made up of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables found in field crops. During this time of the year deer can often be spotted at all times of the day standing in a field.

The warm weather will also require the deer to find water. The deer will need to hydrate several times throughout the day. The deer will take advantage of ditches, creeks, swamps, ponds, lakes, and any other area that holds water.

Hunters can take advantage of these feeding and watering  habits by placing stands or blinds near these areas. A stand in between a food source and a bedding area is ideal. A stand on the edge of a frequently used watering hole will also offer success.

Use these hot weather deer hunting tips for a better chance at success. As always good luck and be safe.


Rainy Day Deer

Deer hunting tips:  Deer often move around during days of light to moderate rains. At times deer even seem more relaxed on these rainy days. Whether its the overcast conditions that reduce light or the rain that provides some sort of a safer feeling, deer use these situations to be more active. Deer hunting in the rain can be effective.

The hunter should take advantage of these rainy deer hunting days. Get a good quality rain suit and head to the woods. Be on stand at daybreak or in the evening. If the rain persist all day, being out all day long may be beneficial. Remember to be extra careful when climbing due to slickness of steps, stands, or trees. A ground blind set up may also prove to be a good approach.

Deer don’t necessarily change where they go during rain. The normal feeding areas or trails leading to and from these areas as well as near bedding areas are good places to hunt. The main difference hunters will find is that deer remain in these locations longer or move through more frequently. Deer hunting on rainy days has also been famous for producing nice bucks.

Deer hunting during severe storms with heavy winds, rain, or lightning is not recommended. These situations are extremely dangerous and should be avoided.

This article of deer hunting tips for rainy day deer can be used to give the hunter another approach to having success in the field. Don’t worry about getting wet, give deer hunting in the rain a try. The rewards may be worth the effort. As always be safe and good luck.




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