Deer Hunting Cut Overs

Deer Hunting Tips: Cut Overs

Cut overs or clear cuts as they are also called, often can provide ideal deer hunting locations. After the first year that the land has been cut, there will be an abundance of browse foods available as well as adequate cover for the deer.

The initial first season of a cut over will normally be used as a food source assuming it has had time to begin new growth. It may also be used as a travel zone leading from a bedding area to another feeding area if the under growth isn’t available yet.

Deer Hunting New Cut Overs

In order to prepare for hunting, walk the edges of the cut over searching for trails, rubs, and scrapes. It may be possible to place stands along the outer edges. However, often it will be better to back track the trails or buck signs leading to the cut over.

Locate the best and most obvious signs of buck use and place stands 50 yards or so away from the cut over. After a few days of hunting you should see deer. If not, move the stands another 50-100 yards further away from the cut over. Continue this process until sightings occur.

Deer Hunting Older Cut Overs

After a few seasons the cut over will not only hold browse for feeding but also provide excellent bedding sources. There will be enough cover available so the deer will spend more time during day light. Hunting these locations can provide both excitement as well as frustrations. There will be more deer but they will be harder to see.


The hunter must be able to see so a stand placed on any remaining tree left after cutting occurred may be used providing deer activity is nearby. This is also a good time to place tripod stands through out the cut over. They are more versatile in such terrain. Obviously you wilh be looking for the best available buck sign preor to placement* This can be tricky since the food is every where.


Another idea that can be used for deer hunting cut overs is to set up controlled man drives. This requires several other hunters for best practices. Depending upon the size, it may require several persons walking and several persons setting up on the perimeters. Obviously extra caution should be applied for safety.

Still Hunting

Still hunting such locations will be difficult but very possible. There will be limited visibility so a slow approach with the use of binoculars and scent control is most important. Walk into the wind to reduce detection. This approach can be very effective on days with steady winds. It will help reduce any noise by the hunter. It will require the hunter to be extremely observant.

Try these deer hunting tips for cut overs and see if they can be used in your area. Good luck and be safe.

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