Deer Hunting Fresh Sign

Deer Hunting Tips – All throughout the deer hunting season, the deer will provide hunters with fresh signs of their activities. Finding such evidence is a key to continued success. A hunter must pay close attention in order to understand deer movement.

Food Sources

The available food sources will change as the deer hunting season progresses. Farm crops are often in abundance early on in the season. Later, the deer will gradually change to available fruits, acorns, and other browse. Knowledge of what food sources are available in a certain area at any given time is important to a hunter. A helpful approach is to figure out what food is in short supply. Deer will feed on these resources the earliest. Find the freshest food and find the deer.

Tracks And Trails

Locating and monitoring fresh tracks and deer trails will keep the hunter aware of where and when deer are using a particular area. It is also helpful in determining where deer are coming and going to or from. This information can be used to identify bedding or feeding areas. Obviously, the fresher the tracks and trails, as well as the frequency, will allow a hunter to make proper judgement on how to set up on deer.

Rubs And Scrapes

Rubs and scrapes are used by deer to announce presence, mark terrain, and to indicate signs of the upcoming breeding season. Finding an area that offers such sign will determine how to hunt the bucks. A single rub or scrape here and there generally will not provide much help to the hunter. However, locating an area that offers a line of rubs or an abundance of concentrated rubs may be worth the effort. The same goes with scrapes. Especially if the scrapes are frequently kept clean.

Deer Sightings

Don’t forget to factor in deer sightings. When deer are seen in a certain area more than once, it is a good indication that something is keeping them there. Whether it be a food source, bedding source, or travel area, seeing deer is the freshest sign a hunter can have. Regardless of what other sign is observed, a hunter should always at least make an effort to hunt an area with repeat sightings of deer.

Good luck, be safe, and enjoy your next  hunting experience.

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