Determine Tree Stand Height

Deer Hunting Tips – There are several factors to take into consideration before determining tree stand height. The first factor is hunter safety. The hunter should only climb as high as one feels safe. Since all hunters are different, this safe comfort level will vary.


A good average tree stand height of 15 feet will give the hunter many advantages. This height gives a relatively good angle for shot placement on deer. It is also high enough up to help reduce scent issues as well as movement detection. Many ladder stands come standard at this height.

Back Ground

Back ground cover will play a part in tree stand height. There needs to be enough cover to aid the hunter in concealment. If cover is limited, the stand will need to be higher in the tree to reduce the chances of deer picking the hunter out. Increasing the height to 20-25 feet may be necessary. Just know that the higher a stand, the smaller the vital areas will be on a deer.


The tree stand style can also be a factor in determining height. Climbing stands are not limited as long as the tree to be climbed is free of limbs. Ladder stands are limited to constructed heights. Lock on stands are only limited to the number of steps available to the hunter.

Regardless of what tree stand height the hunter is to hunt at, a safety harness and climbing belt should always be used. Good luck and be safe.

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