Early Season Preparation

This article provides deer hunting tips in preparing for early season success.

Pre Season Scouting

The hunter should spend time in the area to be hunted doing some  pre-season scouting. This needs to be done as early as possible. Scouting will provide helpful information that can be used to determine hunting locations. Early season deer food areas need to be located as well as trails leading to the bedding and food sources. These areas are considered hot zones for the warm month hunting. Make plenty of notes and maps of the areas and write down any details found during scouting.

Tree Stands

Tree stand locations need to be prepared as also. The areas will need to be trimmed for excess leaves and limbs. Make sure to remove as little cover as possible to maintain good concealment. Shooting lanes around the stand will need to be cleared as well. Preparing these areas ahead of the season will allow the area to settle and deer will get used to it.

Scent Control

Early season usually means hot weather. The hunter should take extra care with scent control. Taking showers before heading to the woods is a requirement this time of year. Also use cover scent for masking human odors. This will insure that the area stays human scent free for the coming season.

Trail Cameras

The use of trail cameras has become very popular. Placing them out before the season will aid in proper set up locations. Just try not to over check the cameras to alert the deer. Also whenever possible, check them during midday to limit any deer contact.


The early season is also known for its wide selection of bugs from ticks to mosquitoes. There are many scent free repellent sprays available that are made specifically for hunters. There are also mechanical devices that work well although a little more expensive. Proper clothing such as bug suits can also be used effectively.


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