How To Aim At Turkeys

Proper Turkey Hunting Aiming Tactics

Regardless of their large size, turkeys are not an easy bird to harvest. There have been, and will continue to be, many blown chances due to a variety of hunter mistakes. Here are a few aiming tactics for a successful turkey hunting harvest.

Proper Distance

Before attempting any shot on a turkey, the hunter must know the proper distance of where the turkey is standing. This issue can be resolved by walking off distances around the set up area and marking this distances with a rock or stick. The use of modern range finders can also aid in this task.

Proper Gun Form

How the hunter holds the gun will impact the shot as well. The use of proper form is important. The gun should be held snug against the shoulder. The hunter’s cheek should be down and resting against the gun stock. The hunter should be looking directly down the gun barrel. The use of special turkey sights¬†or scopes can help with alignment issues.


Sometimes there are obstacles such as limbs or bushes that may prevent a clear shot. Since a turkey may come from any direction, it is best to set up in areas that offer many shot opportunities. This way the hunter will have several options to choose from.

Proper Aim

In order to make a clean shot on a turkey, the hunter must hit the turkey in the neck and head areas. Aim at the center of the neck between the head and the bottom of the neck where the feathers start. This should allow the pellets to spread throughout the head and neck areas.

Making sure to aim properly, use good gun form, know your distances, avoid obstacles, and the odds of a successful harvest will improve.

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