Natural Ground Blinds

Although deer hunting from a stand is an excellent resource, there will be times when an appropriate tree is not available. Rather than using a portable manufactured blind, a natural ground blind may be a better choice.

Natural ground blinds are made by simply using available materials found in nature. This can be blown down trees, standing corn stalks, bushes, brush piles, tall grass, broken limbs, or any other material found in nature that can be used to break the outline of the hunter.

The best approach is to locate areas of deer travel that already have these materials near by. It will probably be necessary to trim away a few holes to shoot through or to add a few additional materials to insure concealment. The idea is to keep the natural look and not create a man made structure that sticks out to the deer.

Make sure to use a comfortable stool inside the blind. This will help reduce fatigue and allow for longer sitting. If possible try to have back support such as a standing tree or an attached back rest for the stool.

Always pay attention to the wind. Use a good scent blocking suit or saturate your clothing in a scent illumination product. If the wind is not in your favor, choose another location to hunt.

Good luck and be safe.

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