Rainy Day Deer

Deer hunting tips:  Deer often move around during days of light to moderate rains. At times deer even seem more relaxed on these rainy days. Whether its the overcast conditions that reduce light or the rain that provides some sort of a safer feeling, deer use these situations to be more active. Deer hunting in the rain can be effective.

The hunter should take advantage of these rainy deer hunting days. Get a good quality rain suit and head to the woods. Be on stand at daybreak or in the evening. If the rain persist all day, being out all day long may be beneficial. Remember to be extra careful when climbing due to slickness of steps, stands, or trees. A ground blind set up may also prove to be a good approach.

Deer don’t necessarily change where they go during rain. The normal feeding areas or trails leading to and from these areas as well as near bedding areas are good places to hunt. The main difference hunters will find is that deer remain in these locations longer or move through more frequently. Deer hunting on rainy days has also been famous for producing nice bucks.

Deer hunting during severe storms with heavy winds, rain, or lightning is not recommended. These situations are extremely dangerous and should be avoided.

This article of deer hunting tips for rainy day deer can be used to give the hunter another approach to having success in the field. Don’t worry about getting wet, give deer hunting in the rain a try. The rewards may be worth the effort. As always be safe and good luck.


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