Scent Control

Deer hunting tips:  Scent control is the act of eliminating and masking human scent. In order to fool the nose of deer, hunters must take precautionary steps prior to and during hunting activities. This article will offer a few suggestions.

Odor Eliminating

There has been an increase of odor eliminating products over the past 15 years or so. Today they range from sprays, wafers, clothing, mechanical devices, and others. Experimenting with some or all of these various products will give the hunter an edge in the field.

The best approach to controlling scent begins at home. Clothing to be worn should be washed in scent eliminating washing soap. Once dried outside, it can be placed in sealed plastic bags made specifically for hunters. A scent wafer may be placed in the bag.

Clothing made specifically to help control scent can also be considered. There are a variety of brands to choose from. Just browse through any hunting catalog to find clothing that strikes your fancy and price range. Rubber boots have also been proven more effective than other types such as leather.

The Wind

Regardless of how thorough the hunter is at preparing, the wind direction should always be factored in. Hunting downwind of suspected deer movement areas is a must. Although many products offer ranges as high as 99% of human odor elimination, that still leaves a slight percentage of error. Since deer have an excellent sense of smell, not paying attention to wind direction will play against the hunter.

These deer hunting tips are provided as helpful information. For a more in depth look at scent control, see our previous article on masking human odors.  Good luck and be safe.

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