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How To Prevent Spooking Deer

Deer Hunting Tips – Most if not all hunters will at some time or another spook a deer while deer hunting. The key to success is limiting these occurrences. Here are a few helpful tips to prevent spooking deer.

Scent Control

Scent control is probably the number one factor in spooking deer. Use proper scent control clothing and other products to reduce the chances of being detected. There are many techniques for masking human odors. Make sure to always have an action plan before hunting. Don’t take short cuts as they will result in an unsuccessful hunting experience.

Over Hunting

Another common mistake made by hunters is to over hunt a particular area. Deer will begin to detect and pattern a hunter that walks through the woods along the same path every day. It is better to limit hunting a specific stand location to only 2-3 days at a time.

Stand Placement

It is important to consider stand placement and how a stand might be seen by deer. Make use of shadows and avoid hunting when a stand is in direct sunlight. When possible place stands in trees that provide limbs and leaves for natural cover. Increase stand height in trees with no cover.

Wind Direction

Try to hunt with the wind in your face or downwind of deer activity. All to often the wind is what gives away a hunters location. Keep regular checks while hunting to make sure the wind has not changed. If you find that the wind is not favorable it is better to not hunt that location.

Travel Routes

Another problem when it comes to spooking deer revolves around entry and exit routes. Always make sure to have access routes to your hunting area that will not come in contact with the deer. Also having more than one travel route may be beneficial in some situations.

Hunter Movement

Another factor to consider is limiting hunter movement while hunting. Some hunters get fidgety when on stand. Deer will notice sudden movements so if you have to move make sure to be slow about it. Unusual movement can cause deer to spook even if unaware of the hunter.

Use these deer hunting tips to help reduce the risk of spooking deer. Be safe and good luck.



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