Turkey Hunting Decoy Setups

The use of decoys for turkey hunting at times can be beneficial. Decoys provide a visual object for the gobbler to see upon approach. Often decoys can be the deciding factor on whether or not the gobbler comes close enough to a setup area. Here are a few examples of how decoys can be used.

Single Hen

The single hen decoy is often very effective. It is one of the more frequently used decoy setups. Single hen decoys can be used throughout the spring season but work well as the season progresses. They are very good for both mature and young gobblers.

Single Jake

The single jake decoy can also be effective on gobblers of all ages. Young gobblers will come to jake decoys out of curiosity or companionship. Mature gobblers will come in often to rid the intruder from the area.

Single Jake Single Hen

The use of a single jake and hen combination can lead to excitement. A mature gobbler will approach such a setup with the intentions of beating up the jake and leaving with the hen. This is an often used style when hunting aggressively.

Strutting Gobbler With Hens

Decoys of a strutting gobbler with a single or several hens can also be used. The idea is to irritate or challenge a mature gobbler into thinking his hens are being stolen away. This is often a confrontational type setup. Not as effective as other setups but occasionally is ideal under certain situations.

Breeding Gobbler And Hen

The breeding gobbler and hen decoys can sometimes work as well. A mature gobbler will often approach looking for a fight. Probably one of the least used types of setups but in the right situation can be effective.

Several Hens

The use of several hen decoys offers a variety for gobblers. In the simplest form, the more hens there are, the more likely one will be ready to breed. This type of setup can be effective in the spring but also can be used during the fall season.

Decoy Tips

The decoy should be placed in areas with high visibility. It should be about twenty yards away from the hunter. By facing the decoy in the direction of the hunter, gobblers often will come in between the two. Make sure the decoys are secure and do not spin around during wind gust.

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  • Harold says:

    I appreciated to article. There are so many types of decoys out there but little information on proper use. Thanks.



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