Turkey Hunting Strut Zones

The strut zones can be primary locations for turkey hunting. These areas are used frequently during the spring season. Here are a few tips for strut zone hunting.

What Are Strut Zones

Strut zones are areas that gobblers go in order to locate hens. These areas generally will be located near a primary food source. They may include ridge tops, flat bottom areas, logging trails, or agricultural fields.

Identifying Strut Zones

There are many characteristics of strut zones. There are usually an abundance of hen and gobbler tracks. There may be large amounts of hen and gobbler droppings. There may be dropped feathers. There are usually gobbler strut marks.

Note: A gobbler strut mark usually consist of three lines on both sides of gobbler tracks. They are made when gobblers drag their primary feathers on the ground while strutting.

How To Locate Strut Zones

Strut zones can be located by spending enough time scouting the turkey hunting areas. Look for food source areas and confirm the locations by finding the markings related to strut zones.

Observing fields or other areas with binoculars can also be effective. Making contact with land owners, other hunters, or wildlife officials can also be helpful.

Hunting Strut Zones

Strut zones are high trafficked areas used by hens. Gobblers instinctively know this and generally will keep check on these areas.

Sometimes the gobblers will go to these areas and gobble while waiting for the hens arrival. Other times the gobbler may only strut without ever making a gobble sound.

Under normal conditions, strut zones will be used from year to year. Even if a gobbler is harvested in such areas, another gobbler will generally take his place.

By finding these locations, hunters can setup accordingly and wait for the gobblers arrival. Decoys and calling tactics can be used but are not always necessary.

There may be one or several strut zone areas on any given tract of land. By hunting these areas throughout the season, the odds of seeing gobblers usually improves.

By understanding what strut zones are, identifying and locating them, and hunting these areas, the chances of success are generally better.

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  • Woody says:

    Finding strut zones are good spots to hunt. You’re right about having good knowledge of the hunting area.



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