Turkey Hunting Tips-Field Gobblers

Gobblers that live near agricultural, grassy, or pasture type fields often will fly down from the morning into such areas. Many times the gobbler will spend most if not the entire day there. These locations provide an abundance of food sources as well as a wide field of view for safety.

Turkey Hunting

There are several approaches to turkey hunting these locations. One requires the hunter to see where the gobbler roosted the day before or is able to use locator calls before sunrise to pin point the gobbler. The hunter can then move in close to the roost before light.

Set up near the field edges just inside the woods. A decoy or two placed nearby in the field can be helpful. Just don’t get busted by the turkeys. Once daybreak occurs, use soft clucks and yelps to let the gobbler know your location. Many times the gobbler will fly down right into the decoys. Or any hens in the area may fly down first followed by the gobbler.

In some situations, the gobbler is already in the field. One approach for the hunter is trying to establish a direction of travel in which the gobbler is headed. Once determined, use available cover to circle around in front of the gobbler. Again set up just off the field edges paying close attention not to be seen or heard. If possible, try to be able to see the gobbler. Use soft yelps and purrs. This can often bring the gobbler into range.

A field gobbler with hens will usually present more of a challenge. In many cases it may be best to wait the hens out. Often the hens will leave the field later in the morning. The gobblers will be more susceptible to calling at that time. Again start out with a soft calling style. If no response, fire the calling up. This may bring him in search of a willing hen.

In some situations, early in the season, the hens do not necessarily leave the field. They are not nesting as of yet. Try using a variety of purrs, clucks, and yelps followed by cutting if need be to try and draw the flock into range.

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