Turkey Hunting Tips-Why Gobblers Go Silent

Turkeys are vocal creatures by habit. They use a variety of sounds to communicate. The gobble sound made by the male turkey can bring a natural high to any turkey hunter. But why is it that there are times while turkey hunting that the woods become quiet?

No Gobblers

One simple explanation could be that the area being hunted does not have any gobblers. Just because a certain area may have had turkeys in previous years does not mean it always will. Hunting pressure, predators, or lack of food may have caused the turkeys to relocate.


In areas that do have turkeys, the weather can always have an impact on whether or not a gobbler will sound off. Cols temperatures often will result in fewer if any gobbling occurring. The same goes for windy or rainy days. Gobblers in general will be less vocal.

Hunting Pressure

In some instances where there is a lot of hunting pressure, the gobblers become call shy and refuse to gobble. They have been programed by too many hunters over calling in a particular area. This is a common occurrence on public hunting land.

Gobblers With Hens

A gobbler sometimes will become silent when meeting up with or traveling with hens. Rather than gobble, they will spend more time strutting and drumming.There is no need to sound off when the object of affection is within sight. This is a frequent occurrence especially after flying down from the roost. Only after the hens leave later in the morning then the gobbler may resume gobbling.

Gobbler Is Headed To Hunter

The best case scenario for a hunter is when a gobbling turkey goes silent after calling to him. In this instance, the gobbler shuts up as he heads towards the calling hunter. This often occurs while turkey hunting. The gobbler sneaks in the last couple hundred yards while searching for the hen. This is why it is always best to give a suddenly silent gobbler enough time to make his way into a set up location.

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