Windy Day Deer Hunting

Deer hunting on days that the wind is blowing can have an effect on both deer and hunter. Other factors such as temperatures and wind speeds often make a difference in what effect if any the wind will have. Here is some information and deer hunting tips for how to hunt windy days.

Light Winds

Generally, deer will not change any patterns when the wind is lightly gusting or even steady blowing at or below 10 miles per hour. Their senses are still tuned in well and they do not normally react any differently than on a calm day. The only real concern for hunters is scent control. A light breeze can blow human odors quickly to an alert deer.

Temperature And Wind

The temperatures can also factor in on windy days. When the temperatures are warm, the wind will help cool down the deer. However, during cold air temperatures, deer will normally stay put while the sun is out to gather much needed heat. They will be more active towards evening and after dark hours in order to stay warm through movement.

Medium To Strong Winds

Once the wind speeds begin climbing to 15, 20, 25 mph, the deer will often change their movement activity. Everything around them is moving which can fool their sense of sight. Their hearing is reduced and their ability to pinpoint and detect odors will be greatly decreased. Deer will become more skittish.

Problems For Hunters

Deer hunting under high wind conditions can present two problems for hunters. First, there is a safety issue if a tree stand is to be used. Always take extra care to avoid any accidents. The second concern may be locating the deer. Many times deer will be less active and move to more secure areas to improve their sense of safety.

Windy Day Deer Hunting Tips

The best bet for hunting is to find areas that block or reduce the majority of the wind. This may be the lower sides of hills, gullies, or ditches. This could also be in pine or hard wood thickets. Depending on how a particular property is laid out will determine what sections are the best to hunt. The lower the terrain is, the more likely the deer will use it.

Take note of these possible locations during normal scouting events. This will provide you with tree stand set up locations. Also, if the hunter has developed good still hunting skills, a windy day may provide an advantage and excellent opportunity for hunting on the ground. Remember to use good scent reducing techniques.


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