Windy Day Turkey Hunting

Spring turkey hunting often comes with a variety of conditions. A windy day is one of those that frequently occurs. The wind can make things a little more challenging.

Windy days create hunting issues for both the turkey and the hunter. The turkeys will have limited hearing abilities. They will also have sight issues due to the steady movement of leaves, limbs, or bushes.

The hunter will also have sound issues. They will not be able to hear clearly as sounds will be muffled by the wind. So hearing any gobbles will be limited if at all.

To combat windy day concerns, hunters can rely on previous turkey scouting knowledge. Being familiar with the terrain and habits of the turkeys will be a plus.

Hunt near areas frequently visited by the turkeys. Also search for open type areas such as fields that are surrounded by trees to help block the wind.

Other places such as low bottom areas that are surrounded by ridges can also be considered. Often the south side of a ridge can be effective.

Sometimes being more patient is the key. Find a good setup area and wait on the turkeys arrival. There will also be times when moving slowly from one area frequented by turkeys to another may be better.

When calling, use high pitched loud calls. A box call or an aluminum striker call can be effective during windy day conditions. Remember that the wind will muffle sounds so the distances will be reduced.

Also stay alert for movement. If by chance a gobble is heard, remember that due to the wind, the sounds will usually be closer than they appear.

Another windy day location could be a turkey strut zone area. Regardless of conditions, at some point during the day, turkeys may show up at such locations.

Although turkey hunting in the wind does create issues, being in the woods regardless of conditions will often be beneficial to the hunter.


One Response to Windy Day Turkey Hunting

  • John says:

    The wind certainly does make hunting tough. I don’t usually hunt on real windy days or I’ll go only first thing before the wind gets too strong.



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